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Why Choose Paychain

We're a Community of buyers and sellers who want to make everyday payments simpler. We've taken a classic e-commerce model and completely modernized it.

Buy credits

Buying credits is as easy as depositing funds into our account. Once funds are cleared, we will issue you with your credits.

Send and receive

Once your account is loaded, you can send and receive credits to sellers. Sellers can send you their Paychain ID via SMS or email, or you can just scan their QR code.

Sell credits

Sellers can cash out their credits and the funds are deposited to their bank account.

100% Secure payments

We have the most advanced systems to ensure full transparency but still protect your identity.

Our values

The role of tech should be to lower the cost of buyers, not increase it. So if you like what we stand for, then spread the word, especially to your favorite stores :-)

In App Support

Our in-app Live Chat means help is never far away when you need it.

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California Launch

Be among the first businesses in California.

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Did You Know

Paychain started in Australia, which is also the home of AfterPay.

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Les Toft


Les is a serial entrepreneur and comes from Australia's Gold Coast, known for it's amazing surfing beaches. It took him a number of years to find the right tech.

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Omar Durra

Greentech Systems LLC

A native of Los Angeles, Omar saw the potential of Paychain in the USA and was lucky enough to secure the USA rights.

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